The Farmers’ Stand

Your Food has a story

6475 US HWY 93S Suit 10

Whitefish, MT, ph:406-471-3287

About us:

We are Brooke, Sean, Rebecca and Todd. We are organic farmers in the valley. Brooke and Sean are “Wicked Good Produce”, and Todd and Rebecca are “Two Bear Farm”. We came up with the totally crazy idea of starting a store. Our store will focus on getting as much local and bioregional food as possible to our community. Much of it will come from our farms but we look forward to also selling from Montana’s other amazing ranchers and farmers. It’s going to be great but since we are also farming, we need a great crew. We are looking for gregarious, outgoing and self-motivated people to help sell the concept of a local food economy to our customers! We feel like it’s time to take a stand….the farmers’ stand…get it?

What we are offering

Pay - $11- $14 dollars and hour depending on experience. We feel like raises are a great way to show our appreciation for a job well done as well as treats, vegetables and praises.

Hours - Our store hours are Tuesday- Saturday 10- 7 & Sunday 10-5

  • Opening shift: 9-3- duties include setting out all displays, stocking till, checking dates on deli items, cashing out till, cleaning bathroom etc.
  • Closing shift: 2-8: duties include closing display cases and curtains or putting vegetables and perishable items back in the cooler, cashing out the till, cleaning floors and surfaces, and leaving the store in good condition for the following day.
  • To Apply:

To Apply:

If you would like to take a stand and join The Farmers’ Stand team, please submit the following:

·      Current resume with 3 reference contacts

·      Cover letter addressing the questions below


1.   Do you eat vegetables?

2.  Are you passionate about local organic food?

3.  Do you prioritize health in your own life and how?

4.  What interest you about working in our store?

5.  How would you describe your personality style?

6.  Do you enjoy engaging & educating with the public?

7.  Can you always be friendly even if the situation doesn’t warrant it (AKA total asshole alert)?

8.  Have you ever worked on a farm or a health food focused store? If so, how was it? What did you like? What did you not like?

9.  It’s a beautiful day outside but you’re stuck inside a store…

o  You are super bummed and wish you got a job landscaping

o   You are super stoked cause you’re taking a stand for local food!

o   You call in sick so you can go rafting

10.  If you were a vegetable …What vegetable would you be and why?